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Valeria, MX, 21 años, 9 de Febrero/ Autor favorito: John Katzenbach Música: Lykke Li, Lana del Rey, Insite, Paramore, Siempre me Dejas, Zoé Mi vida se rige por el amor y respeto a los animales; Estudiante de Criminología y Criminalística. I speak english too, so just ask me what you want to know :)

Lectura del mes: "La verdad sobre el caso Harry Quebert", de Joël Dicker.
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A body following complete autopsy with a carefully sutured Y-shaped incision.
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Just beneath the skull is a tough, leathery layer called the dura mater. This picture shows the skull cut away, and the dura peeled back by a forceps. The brain is covered in small hemorrhages from pneumococcal meningitis.
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Once a deceased male was removed from where he was found, it could be seen that the leaked decompositional fluid and brown-black fly pupae formed an image of the body on the mattress.
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A dissecting room in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 1902.
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Anastasija Titko by Romain Pivétal
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